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Professional Status

Open to opportunities


Officer in charge of technicians

French Ministry of Environment
Since 2017
Responsibilities completed
  • Advisor for the 10,000 technicians of the Ministry (career management, professional mobility guidance)
  • In charge of promotion of this population
  • In contact with the 150 local employers (all over France) for general and individual advice
  • Product owner of the new mobility application (used by national HR Direction and the local HR departments)

Information system general project manager

French Ministry for Transport an Roads
2014 to 2016
Responsibilities completed
  • national roads and highways in France - 11,000 km - 11 regional infrastructure authorities - 30 road command posts
  • harmonization of traffic data collection around 30 road national command posts
  • gathering of 11 private road operators data throug Datex II model
  • improvement of traffic information according to an European Directive (ITS)

Trainer: communication, negotiation, management, sociology of organizations

ENTPE, civil engineering school (BSc)
Since 2013
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Regional Sales Director

ONET Propreté
Responsibilities completed
  • waste sales: floor and streetsweepers, professional hoovers, chemicals, mops
  • 1/4 of France, including Great Paris Area
  • management of 1 sales manager and 12 sales representatives
  • PNL 7 M CAN$
Detailed Description
  • customer reconquests (including Paris International Airport - 10 machines)
  • construction of the repairing travelling department for 46 department stores
  • repairing delays elimination (in 2 months: 120 machines)
  • harmonization of the national prices (15,000 articles), on request of the CEO
  • general advice for logistics policy (2 warehouses) and transport routes
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Technical director & Manager

Veolia Water
2008 to 2011
Responsibilities completed
  • water production and supply
  • waste water collection and waste treatment
  • 12 contracts with city councils, 60,000 residential customers, PNL 38 M CAN$
  • management of 120 employees (with 6 P. Eng.) on 3 sites
Detailed Description
  • 2-year debts recovery in 3 months, cash-flow 200,000 CAN $
  • reorganization with new shifts of reconnection of water supply (20% improvement)
  • leak drop reduction
  • bid preparation for water public works (+4% on the global amount of 7 M CAN$)
  • unionized staff representative meetings management
  • crisis management: collective customers against Veolia Water, water pollution, street violence...
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Civil Engineering Director

city around Paris, 21,000 inhabitants
2003 to 2008
Responsibilities completed
  • management of 100 employees (with 3 P. Eng.)
Detailed Description
  • road works, street sweeping, common buildings, urban planning, parks
  • 11 M CAN $ public works by year
  • secretary of the local civil engineering directors association (90 members)
  • drop of turnround time (2,200 interventions a year)
  • improvment of technical calls-ins (24 hours a day interventions)
  • 1st French charter signed for management of public works damage (gas and electric public networks)

Civil Engineering Director

French Ministry of Roads, Buildings, Urban planning and transportation
2000 to 2003
Responsibilities completed
  • representative of French Ministry on the area
  • Area: 22 towns, 200,000 inhabitants, 185 km of roads
  • exploitation road management 24 hours a day
  • management of 40 employees
Detailed Description
  • construction of traffic circles, residential housing permit
  • cycle tracks construction
  • road construction (4 M CAN$ by year)
  • public works for the 22 towns (5 M CAN$ by year)

Buildings construction and renovation manager

French Ministry of Roads and Buildings
1997 to 2000
Responsibilities completed
  • construction an renovation of schools, high schools, university, court (140,000 to 34 M CAN$)
  • redaction of mission statement sent to companies (study and civil engineering)
  • management of 4 technicians + 1 accountant
Detailed Description
  • development of activity for small cities (+50%)
  • lecturer in a national symposium (200 participants)
  • lecturer in civil P. Eng. syllabus
  • project website manager

Engineering trainee: pollution diffusion in wasted soils

Mc Gill University, Geotechnical Research Centre, Montreal, Canada
January 1995
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